Clio Mandrelli was born in the world of scene and spectacle, from a work that has bound the artist to some of the greatest interpreters...


Who is Clio?


Clio Mandrelli was born in the world of scene and spectacle, from a work that has bound the artist to some of the greatest interpreters of dance and pantomime in the world.

Dancers now in the Olympus of celebrity, skilful choreographs and stars of the ballet, have been the privileged partners of Clio’s artistic creation, of her formal research, her desire to reach the roots of the unconsciousness, to materialize emotions, to give body to the suggestions of timeless moments.

Her figures challenge gravity and seem to elevate to the sky, in search of a space where men can communicate freeform any barriers or obstacles.

That is why her critics do not belong to any particular country or age.

She chose an expressive medium without frontiers, or linguistic limits.

Painting, like dance, can speak to everybody and communicate emotions, it allows a dialogue otherwise difficult, if not impossible.

Choreographs from any country in the world have found in her an authentic interpreter of their emotional world, of their ethereal gestures, of their deep creativity.

It is for this reason that Clio starts a long journey around towns and theatres in Italy and Europe, before sailing overseas.

Dancers are the protagonists of Clio’s images, they themselves invite her to their theatres to transmit end eternize through her language the sensations which otherwise – in the ephemeral moments of the performance – would be lost.

Images, but not only iconographic reproductions of the alchemies of gestures.

Images, but not only research of formal balance, of classic harmony or modern dynamism, but above all magical forms, full of manifold and intimate meanings, open to an infinite symbolic reading, but at the same time linked to the profound form and structure of the bodies which generated them.

Powder which becomes real, hand moulded forms, signed, impressed with strength and decision, hands and body, acts and soul, ephemeral and absolute melt in a creative synthesis seeming to take away from time an endless eternity.



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